Ever since becoming the youngest vocalist to be featured on a James Bond theme song in February this year, we had yet to hear from Billie Eilish. Early this year, she teased the release of her next single, and last night, she dropped the track dubbed “My Future.”

No matter what she has to offer next, fans are eager to hear what she has to offer next. Her latest single is poignant but simple, a perfect track sequeling her previous music while evoking emotion and thoughts; all in all, it is the perfect new song in this period of our history.

“My Future,” all in all, is an uplifting anthem of self-love. With a beginning familiar to her previous album, its darkness is similar to the style we all know and adore from Billie. The lyrics provoke a thought process in finding contentment in being alone, in loving yourself for where you are at, showing yourself kindness no matter what you are feeling.

In this song, we get a sense of transition, from the original melancholic lyrical content to something more, something new and filled with hope. Near the end of the song, Billie croons, “I’m in love with my future; I can’t wait to meet her… just wanna get to know myself.”

In interviews and on social media, Billie Eilish has shown contentment in being alone in this period of her life. And in creating this song, its inspiring message pushes fans to grow more comfortable in themselves as they face isolation in quarantine, to dig deep and face our darkness and to get to know ourselves a little better. In doing that, maybe we, too, can reach for our best potential and love ourselves for who we are.

Stream the new song and check out the beautifully made music video below:

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