Nashville-based alternative rock band, Betcha, just released their latest EP, titled Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before. The album has been highly anticipated by us here at Glasse as the band stuns us with their visual creativity in music videos, catchy instrumentals, and vocals to swoon over.

The four-piece band met in Belmont University and first united under the name “Wilder,” then won a school-sponsored Battle of the Bands. With the support of GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Kaleo), they were signed to Atlantic Records, then became known as Betcha. Betcha is a combination of the first letters in each member’s names: Ben (lead guitar), Taylor (bass and keys), Charlie (vocals and guitar), and Chase (drums). They are continuing their project while living under one roof as they redefine twenty-first century rock music with a pairing of pop and electronic elements (1).

DEJA VU official music video

Starting off the album, “Deja Vu” is a romantic bop about plunging into the seas of the unknown in love, and finding comfort in the familiar routine while the world roars around you. “If you going down/I’m going too/It’s just what we do,” vocalist Charlie Green sings. Read more about what we have to say about “Deja Vu” at the link below!

JULY official music video

“July” starts us off with a soulful electric guitar riff before breaking down into a catchy drum beat. Soulful and smooth, the track’s embodies the cool rock star persona while enmeshing with pop elements.

Visually stunning and creative, the music video the single was paired with sends you spinning into a new world of trees, vines and flowers growing from the walls, and rain pouring down while inside.

PLEASURE official music video

The next track, “Pleasure,” is another anthem track that breathes the word cool through the skin while its vocals lure you into the world of surfer guitar, cool pools, and rose colored aviators.


Slowing it down with its lo-fi elements, “Talking to Myself” bends its own genre with a crunchy beat, higher octave vocals blended with sickeningly cool auto-tune, and heavy guitar in the chorus. As we’ve been trapped in quarantine, many of us can relate to the level of boredom and isolation we feel, to the level of having conversations with ourselves in our heads or aloud. “Talking to Myself” fills these feelings well.


“Still Love You” is one of the most raw tracks on the album, unafraid to be emotional about loving someone even after they’re gone. Starting us off slow, Betcha then builds up the story of the love that was lost, faces the feelings that are still there, and processes through them. The bridge becomes the climax of emotion and reassures the listener in the midst of facing the feelings, it’s okay to feel them and embrace them and to not be hard on yourself.

IF THAT’S ALL RIGHT official music video

“If That’s All Right” screams of cool beach vibes with its catchy lyrics, bopping beat, and smooth guitar. It’s a track that’s not only easy to dance to but fills the ears with a tune that’ll stay caught in the head long after it’s over.

CLOSER TO THE SUN official music video

To conclude the album, “Closer to the Sun,” is a song to blast and play on repeat on a sunny day road trip. The cool guitar fingerings fill the ears with warmth, vocals electrically charging the coziness of lighthearted love.

Read more about what we have to say about “Closer to the Sun” at the link below!

Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before is an EP that you could easily listen to over and over again, blasting on the speakers in your car, or playing in the background as a soundtrack while you’re living life inside your home. The four piece band harmonize beautifully with one another in each song, making you wonder when these practiced musicians will become the name that fills up stadiums in our post-COVID future.

our exclusive interview with Betcha

We met with Betcha earlier this month to talk about their album, and they shared lots of details with us and performed a stripped set of a few of their new songs. Check it out!

Stream Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before on Spotify today!

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