Born in Dublin and based in London, Orla Gartland is a refined talent before even having the opportunity to release her first album. With a few hit singles and calming EPs with hopeful messages, Orla has only just begun her music career. As a discovery on Soundcloud in 2013, Orla Gartland’s Roots EP was a regular couple of tracks in my rotation as I finished off high school. The music was a sun on all the rainy days, and warm feelings as I faced unrequited love for the first time.

While staying true to her unique sound, she has continually amassed dedicated listeners from all across the globe; over a half a million followers on social media, forty-five million streams on Spotify, and nearly 600 thousand YouTube monthly listeners. Orla Gartland’s newest single, “Pretending,” preludes her debut full length album, which will be released in 2021.

Pretending” is a refreshing, uplifting, and inspirational track. Paired with a music video, the existential pop song is a beautiful message about staying true to oneself, and to not put pressure on people to be perfect.

Simply written, the message hits especially home while showcasing her lilting, emotional vocals. After listening to this track on repeat, you will feel refreshed and inspired to keep pressing on as the year seems to never end.

Orla is not only a talented musician who writes and co-produces her own music, envisions every visual element in her work, and plays multiple instruments, she has raised thousands to various charities in need. This year, she joined a collective of Irish musicians to perform a cover of The Cranberries, “Dreams” in aid of the charity, Safe Ireland, which has raised over $225K for domestic abuse survivors; which has risen significantly during the COVID-19 lockdown. She also produced an EP for the UK Charity, Black Minds Matter, an organization focusing on providing free mental health services to black individuals. Orla continues to inspire others not only in her music, but in her day to day life as she helps change the world around her in her actions.

Stream “Pretending” now, and listen to her other top tracks!

Top Tracks from Orla Gartland

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