“Back At It” is Zayde Wølf’s Latest High-Energy Single

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Zayde Wølf is the solo project of Dustin Burnett, a Nashville-based producer and musician. His debut album Golden Age, released in late 2016, introduced him as a formidable new voice in indie pop and afforded him the opportunity to let his own voice shine after years of helping others to do the same.

Having licensed hundreds of songs, his music is everywhere. With licenses ranging from film trailers, television shows, pro sporting events, and video games, to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, MTV, CBS, and TLC networks, it’s hard not to run into the sounds of Zayde Wølf.

There’s a common thread in his music: push through and overcome life’s challenges, trust that broken hearts eventually heal, and remember that music is one of our most powerful tools for connection to one another. Burnett has experienced the power of music firsthand, and he’s made it his mission to share it with the rest of the world.

“Back At It” is his first release of this new year and comes from a place of reminiscing of pre-COVID times, when we were able to do fun stuff any time of the week. Although while this song may have been inspired by these not-so-distant memories, the intensely high-energy gives this song a completely different face than most songs that are written in a reminiscent vein.

Of course, any song that has a pop-rock feel to it can hardly be called anything but high-energy. It has a guitar and drum backed instrumental, with an abundance of dynamic guitar strums and commanding drum beats. It picks up at all the right places, complementing the vocals at the moment. Paying tribute to the inspiration behind the song, Burnett starts off the song with a few lines that begin with “do you remember…” on top of the punchy instrumental. The build-up before the chorus brings in a quickening tempo before the chorus reaches a spirited height. There are no breaks in this song with constant tempo changes, pushed by the instrumental production, and forceful vocal sequences.

It’s the type of song that will get you up and moving. It’s the type of song that makes you think back to the last live show you were at, dancing around with your friends in a sea of strangers.

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