Ava McCoy Releases Newest Single, “Sedona”

“I am a child once more, but I am different now because I was a tree before,” claims artist Ava McCoy in her Spotify bio. And fittingly, we see this to be true.

The Indie-Folk singer-songwriter from New York City shares a love for the world around her throughout her persona and her dreamily crafted works. Her sound blends her love of Americana, Dream Pop, Folk and Indie Rock. Ava’s music feels like wind blowing through a dense, damp forest; a pouring rainfall glimmering in the sun… and yet more than that.

She launches her latest single today, titled “Sedona.” The third single toward her upcoming EP, Moss on the Ceiling, this track is calming and fulfilling to any listener.

I wrote this song about a trip I took to Sedona with my family when I was nine. We went on a hike, and I walked ahead of everyone, writing a whole short story about a girl who lived in a tree house in my head. She was able to escape her worldly troubles through connecting with nature, which I resonated with at the time. I since have had an ex move to Sedona, which has given this song a new meaning of longing for me.

~ Ava McCoy

Ava’s newest single offers a taste of her world through her own eyes. The story she tells inspires all who listens, and sends a yearning for simpler things. Its pastoral nature beckons the child within us all to forget our worries and cry out to the winds and the winter rains to beckon on the warmth of spring.

Stream the new single, available on all platforms. Ava’s EP will be released on February 25th!

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