Experience the Adrenaline of “Light Year (Hermitude Remix)” by Crooked Colours

With a goal of wanting to make people feel the best as they possibly can, Hermitude and Crooked Colours has released a new single “Light Year (Hermitude remix),” being a remixed version of Crooked Colours’ original work. The acclaimed duo of Hermitude brings the track to a new status of awesome, as they introduce their own style into the song with heightened energy and flare.

Crooked Colours is already a huge name in the sphere of Australia’s electronic artists, as the trio contains 200 million streams, and is known for their unique, shape shifting sound around the globe. Consisting of Phil Slabber (vocals, guitar, production), Leon Debaughn (keys, production), and Liam Merrett-Park (drums), they continue to show no signs of slowing down ever since their 2017 smash single “Flow.” Even through the struggles of the current pandemic, Crooked Colours spent much of last year’s harsh lockdown at home in Fremantle, and they remained hard at work sculpting and perfecting their long awaited Atlantic Records debut album.

We’ve grown into our sound. We’ve really become a band together, so the music comes out naturally. There’s a cohesive direction and we’re able to bring both sides of what we do.

~ Liam Merrett-Park

The single almost requires a listen with headphones, as the carefully crafted base and other instrumentals feels nothing short of a party in your ears. Hermitude handled the remixing of this track exceptionally, as there is a high variety of different tunes and vocals being presented, yet there are no signs of a messy or convoluted composition. The additions of RIAA Certified Platinum artist Masked Wolf and viral rap sensation Jasiah sparks the fire in this song even more, making it a perfect starter for any at-home rave nights.

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