An Ode To Friendship: Atta Boy’s Single ‘Boys’ Out Now

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An ode to friendship, a recount of comfort, and a melancholic dream infusion– Atta Boy‘s newest single covers all ends of life in three sincere phrases. Released on August 4th, the LA-based quartet pulled from their uncharted connection and the ways in which they feel about themselves to create the accurately titled track “Boy’s.” Unlike most bands, Atta Boy has been working, writing, and growing together since they were kids. Beginning as a high school band, the group took their talents to college where they recorded their debut Out Of Sorts. Contrary to their expectations, the record surpassed the ears of friends and family and found 70 different homes worldwide.

Following their emergence, the band took separate paths towards individual endeavors where they found simultaneous success and vacancy– which in turn lead them back together for the release of their sophomore LP Big Heart Manners. After amassing a positive response from critically acclaimed sources such as American SongwriterAtwood Magazine and The FADER, the band officially returned to the stage as one to fulfill the needs of themselves and their 226,750 monthly listeners.

Born amid appreciation, reconciliation, and a conversation between the band, “Boy’s” is deeply personal and amicably composed. From the brain of lead singer Eden Brolin to the tender yet vibrant plucks on Freddy Reish’s guitar, the track’s wandering meaning landed somewhere between friendship and life’s simple pleasures. Although musically and lyrically black and white, the record manages to depict life’s realistic gray areas–spaces between that go unnoticed or are forcefully forgotten.

With the paradigm of upbeat indie riffs that burst with optimistic euphoria, the record contrasts with dark, raw conversational poetry, showcasing the groups musical versatility and unbarred presentation. Looking passed the intricacies of higher meaning, there’s a narrative of friendship, a dedication to each member and their influential nuanced personalities. “These guys are really important to me,” says Brolin “as much strife as there can be at times, and I didn’t want to risk never saying very loudly that these experiences and relationships are not a given and you never ever know when those little special moments where you feel alive and willing and confused and scared and weird with each other are going to be over for whatever reason. I’m not trying to be fatalistic, but time with people that make you feel solid and full is really very f*cking precious.”

“Boy’s” is simple on the surface with a labyrinth inside. It is lyrically driven yet easily digestible with lines like “I don’t get run down cause I know/ that I’ve got you guys.” As each member receives a dedicated verse, their vague yet complex descriptions are applicable to all. It is genuine, witty, and tremendously endearing. If you have a person, a pair, or a group that grounds you to the earth while lifting you higher than imagined, see if “Boy’s” resonates with you. Listen to the track here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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