Choose “Anybody” in BIZZY’s New Single Out Now!

On May 13, Nashville-based indie-pop artist BIZZY released her newest single, “Anybody.” BIZZY categorizes “Anybody” as a song that showcases her finding her footing and becoming unapologetically herself along the way. 

Born Elizabeth Chiaramonte, BIZZY is the childhood nickname of Elizabeth and just stuck for her stage name. Originally, BIZZY found comfort in songwriting for family and friends and soon began to work in the studio as the artist and felt a newfound sense of peace. Within her newfound artistry, BIZZY pulls influences from her inspirations, Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels who she associates with a sense of vulnerability and authenticity she tries to capture in her own art. 

“Anybody” is a song that touches on the feeling of letting go and realizing you don’t have to have a type. You don’t have to date the same type of boys you always have, and you can go wherever and see what happens. You don’t have to put yourself into a box and hinder yourself from certain experiences in life. 

Beginning with brown hair, between 6’1 and 3’, well-read, and good with their friends the song starts with the description of an ideal partner. Then, the song progresses to recognize their standards have been high and they could “climb down” for a night and that if things align correctly, they could fall in love with anybody. As the song continues, it’s clear the message is less about looks and more about personality and the comfortability around the person and if it’s “fate” between two people. “Anybody” is a song that gives a great message about allowing yourself to be open to new opportunities and experiences. 

Listen to “Anybody” by BIZZY out now!

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