INGER Releases High Energy Track, “Lose My Mind”

On April 22, Estonian singer-songwriter INGER released his single “Lose My Mind.” From his newest EP “Higher Self,” the newest single is a high-energy song perfect for all the summer vibes. 

INGER is an artist who pulls inspiration from love, emotions, and people. He characterizes his music as “self-conscious, deep, and warm” and is mainly pop with the addition of styles from other genres. For two years, INGER competed in the Estonia Song Contest and placed sixth, and has traveled Europe for shows. Because of this, INGER has quickly become one of the most loved singers in Estonia. 

“Lose My Mind” is a song about loss and the way it can drastically influence a person and cause them to lose themselves.  The song begins by describing the feelings a person gives you, making your head feel like they’re “in the clouds” and creating insanity within your mind. The song puts emphasis on “losing control” with someone but then seeing them in another light. For them, it was just one night and not as deep for them as it was for the person INGER sings about. 

However, for the person “losing themselves” it’s not a game for them. Singing “Say my name and I’ll be there,” INGER describes a relationship in which one person is giving more than they’re taking and allowing themselves to be taken advantage of, hence the title “Lose My Mind” as they’re losing themselves to the other person. This message paired with the catchy, high-energy track creates the perfect summer vibe song. 

Listen to “Lose My Mind” out now!

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