Annabel Grace and Flossy Jones Collaborate on “The Beautiful Sounds Are Speaking” and the Result is…Just That

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Some things in life are just meant to be, including songs. In the case of this particular song I’m writing about, it’s the kismet meeting of two women who are equally powerful and beautiful vocalists in a song that could only have a title that fully embraces what the song is. “The Beautiful Sounds Are Speaking” is a gorgeous and euphoric track by Annabel Grace and Flossy Jones. Its title is the best representation of a song I’ve seen in…well, I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a title match its song more perfectly. Inspired by the sounds of nature, this track celebrates the beauty of the natural world with beautiful sounds.

Both women are UK-based singer/songwriters who have both developed their own unique styles. Annabel is a self-taught pianist, singer, and producer who blends a variety of her favorite styles – flower power 70’s rock, the dance beats of house and techno, and feel-good modern pop – to create chilled out alt-pop music with a little contemporary classical for good measure. Flossy blends cinematic instrumental and electronic beats with destabilizing vocals, lead by a sultry vocal line, to give her music a classic old feeling in an exciting new age. You can read more about Flossy’s previous release, “Goodbye Kiss,” here.

“The Beautiful Sounds Are Speaking” is a shimmery alt-pop song that was inspired by Annabel’s changing relationship with the outdoors over the past few months. She’s always been an outdoorsy person and has always felt deeply connected to nature and the sea, but the past few months have made her time spent outside even more sacred and special.

Layered vocals and a lightly pulsating beat create an ethereal sonic atmosphere as the lyrics explore the deeper and more special connection to nature. The song takes on a more electronic and experimental vibe about a minute and a half in, but that connection is still maintained. The percussive elements sound as though they could have been sampled out of a forest. The instrumental continues to cycle as the lyrics reflect the peace and tranquility that can be experienced. This song is a mesmerizing masterpiece that evokes an effortless calm, much like what can be felt when you’re the first one awake and out in the world, feeling like you have all it all to yourself. And then you just listen to the world…and it’s filled with beautiful sounds.

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  1. Wow! It’s so relaxing, yet filled with so much life. Love this!

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