“Never Owed You” by Sarah Familiar is a Powerful Ukulele-Punk Song

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Ukulele and punk are not two words I ever thought I would be using in the same sentence, and certainly not hyphenated. I mean, sure, a ukulele is a stringed instrument, much like the guitar, but it has a much softer and daintier sound. Then when I think of punk, I think of loud and intense sounds. So really, it’s quite an interesting pairing for them to be hyphenated. And yet, here I am…hyphenating ukulele and punk. But this signature style of Sarah Familiar works so well and especially well in her newest single, “Never Owed You.”

After releasing an eclectic 5-track debut EP, titled Words Worth Your Time, late last year, Sarah is back with a new single. Sarah is an Arizona singer/songwriter who strums her way into listeners’ hearts with her four strings and vulnerable melodies. Her newest single, “Never Owed You,” is a passionate uke-punk fight-song that was released on MT Threat‘s benefit compilation, Keep It Safe, Keep it Accessible, in support of the Abortion Fund of AZ.

This self-assured and unapologetic single features iridescent ukulele strums underneath gutsy vocals. The rousing chorus is bold and anthemic. It’s carried into the second verse with a multi-instrumental lead in accompanied by harmonizing vocals, all the while still with a prominent ukulele showcase. The tone of the song continues to pick up as Sarah continues to stand her ground with her emotive lyrics before culminating in a literal high note.

All proceeds from downloads or CDs go to AFAZ to ensure they can continue offsetting the costs of a safe and legal abortions for those who can’t afford one, so be sure to give it a listen today!

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