Amilli’s ‘Suitable’ Is A Tale Of Temporary Love

Labeling something, someone or somewhere as “suitable for you” denotes that they fit you. Sure they might be imperfect or comes with a warning label, but that’s beside the point. What matters most is regardless of what people say, you’ll still pick this because it matches your current stage in life. Is this a trend? A brewing bad decision? No one knows exactly. But that’s the beauty in, it’s a guessing game where your happiness and sanity are at stake.

Before the big reveal though, there’s a significant point in time where bliss exists. All of which and more is expertly depicted in German artist Amilli’s latest song ‘Suitable’. Released March 10th in all major streaming services. It’s a track that sets us dab smack in the middle of two lovers in a conversation. Case in point “A few of my dreams were about you, we kissed under a tree. It’s such a shame I haven’t found you suitable for me. I’ve found it quite astounding, the way you made me feel.”. It’s sweet yes, but more than that it’s also the admittance that this bond won’t last.

Having established this, despite knowing their real ‘state’. Both individuals still carry on because it just feels too good right now – “I guess it might be a small fling, not more than an, not more than an ideal.”. The temptation is strong, unfortunately mightier than the consequences caused by a shaky relationship. So for now till ‘Armageddon’, both will ride that wave of love till it subsides. Thus giving us this alternate definition of the popular phrase ‘Ride or die’ or better yet ‘Ride till you die’.

Amilli’s ‘Suitable’ as much as it is a precautionary tale of temporary love. It also offers us listeners that raw perspective of going through it with its lyrics and overall vibe. With a voice that melts hearts, coupled with those danceable instrumentals, it pulls us in instantly. As a result, getting us invested in this drama prepared for us as it slowly unfolds. In a strange way, it could be seen as preparing us for our very own encounter if we decide to do so. It’s a creative simulation by a talented artist who wants to warn us of love’s many faces. “You’re way too easy to get me.

My needs are hardly met. Don’t sweep me off my feet.”.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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