Hearts Break In Teigen Gayse’s ‘If You Show Me Yours’

In everything we do, having intentions is vital. It’s presence and or absence could dictate the success of what we’re embarking on. On top of it, we should also be clear with it no matter how serious, weird or serious it may be. Not just for your sake, also for others as well. Most especially if they’re directly affected by it right now or in the long run.

While implicitly stating your intentions is seen as being fair, it’s also an act of caring. Such is the sentiment echoed in Teigen Gayse’s latest song ‘If You Show Me Yours’. Released March 10th and available in major streaming platforms worldwide. This gorgeous track co- written and produced by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger tackles the matters of the heart specifically the genesis of a relationship. It’s a snapshot of a crucial point where the love felt towards someone is mixed with doubt and uncertainty. As the lyrics eloquently put “I don’t wanna live in emotional prison.Where hope is a capital crime. I had my walls up. You had to show up and tear them down a brick at a time”.

Painful huh? As if not enough, this fear and worry encapsulates the tune. Be it through the words used, Teigen Gayse’s soul wrenching vocals, and gorgeous instrumentals. The ghost of Teigen Gayse’s broken heart past and present dance gracefully in the moonlight all for us to see. “Most guys, too fast. That’s why it never lasts. But he’s got all that. How could I ever pass?”.

Despite the storm of emotions flowing, and the questions. One thing is pretty certain, there still exists that little bit of hope. That maybe this time, she’s finally met her match – the right one to build a life with. Someone who will care for her and vice versa. That special one that she can bravely give her love to wholeheartedly. But that will only happen if “..you show me yours. I’ll show you mine.”.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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