Amelia Moore has taken Capitol Records by storm and released her bold and emotionally transparent single “Sweet and Sour.” The 20-year-old Georgia native, now based in L.A., knew music was her calling from a very young age. At just 13 she was writing her own songs and perfecting her skills in piano and violin. Now, after gaining lots of attention from other original songs she created while in quarantine, Moore has a clear path of doing what she loves continually for the foreseeable future.

“This song is a perfect statement of who I am as a person. For the most part I’m a total angel and super-sweet, but the second you mess with me or any of my friends, that’s all over. It’s kind of a warning to everyone, telling them to be careful and tread lightly, or else they’ll get the sour.”

~ Amelia Moore

After a first listen, it can be noted that Moore is truly skilled in singing in a high range. “Sweet and Sour” feels ethereal, as its slow and textured instrumentals are paired with Moore’s angelic yet unnerving voice. This combination undoubtedly creates a sort of indescribable atmosphere, almost like being in a trance. Moore speaks of her dark side, and specifically sets herself clear in the lines “I’m an angel till you cross the line, good girl but I’m doing time, one wink can make you sink inside, and turn your water into wine.” The entire track is a demonstration of power; it’s a concise statement of not taking any bull from anyone.

“I’ve been working so hard over the past few years, and waited until I found the most authentic version of my music before putting anything out. I hope my songs make people feel powerful, and inspire them to believe in themselves and trust their gut no matter what everyone else is doing. You really can alter your reality, and it’s completely up to you to make that happen.”

~ Amelia Moore

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