CMAT has released glorious single “No More Virgos” while the world awaits for her debut album, If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, arriving via AWAL records on February 25, 2022. After posting her debut single in 2020 titled “Another Day (KFC),” and eating an entire 80 piece KFC bucket live on stream to promote the track, Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson has already made a massive name for herself with millions of streams across multiple platforms. Ireland bred and now Manchester stationed, CMAT injects style and humor into everything she creates. She’s fun and unique, giving us a more variety in the music industry as a whole.

“I’m the kind of girl who dates the same person over and over again. Specifically, every single one of my partners have been Virgos. I wanted to write a song that pokes fun at this aspect of my personality, and try to be a voice for all of my long-suffering friends. I just can’t help myself from making terrible decisions sometimes! Sorry!”

~ Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson

“No More Virgos” received a music video that was directed by Eilis Doherty and perfectly encapsulates CMAT and what her message is all about. Located in a Western bar with all people present dressed to fit the style, the video shows CMAT slowly falling for a man that has taken an interest to her. Her peers are seen constantly advising her to stay away from the man, but she pursues him anyway, to the point where she has to be tied around the waist to keep still. Overall, the lyrics talk about her relationship struggles with Virgos, and she expresses her concerns in the lines “I know you like me and I like your taste, I’ve had nine lives, I’m on my eighth…” meaning she mentally cannot handle another relationship, but his irresistibility is taking over her.

You can preorder CMAT’s upcoming album, If My Wife New I’d Be Dead, here.

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