Milky Chance, "Colorado" song is a banger

German Rock Band Milky Chance, “Colorado” song is a banger, will make you want a fly high as a kite. Their music video, directed by Vincent Sylvain, takes place in Germany at a Hotel; vocalist Clemens Rehbein and Bassists Philipp Dausch act as hotel workers. Eight years ago, their most famous music video, “Stolen Dance,” became a global sensation.

This year, Milky Chance brings us an amusing and entertaining music video that is sure to give you the feels. Rehbein and Dausch are wearing matching marigold suits, hotboxing in a car at the start of the music video. A bold Orange ‘Colorado’ title appears on screen, Rehbein’s stellar guitar chords and Dausch’s upbeat keyboarding harmonize a chill, wavy melody. “So I get high like Colorado /We had it all but what do I know/ I try to push away the sorrow/But today it’s too late/ I try tomorrow.” It is a metaphoric song, facing highs and lows in life, dealing with a salty break-up, and escaping reality by getting faded.

Milky Chance- Colorado

The hotel has a vintage feel to it, adding yellow and evergreen color skews. Director Sylvain visually captured each scene artistically and humorously. Their performance as stoners is outright convincing, Rehbein pulls out a french fry from a cigarette carton, and Dausch is making towel swans in room 420 Colorado. The duo’s last scene is performed in front of Senior Citizens, “Drowning in my sofa with my bloodshot red eyes/ Riding rollercoaster till I see the sunrise.” A fantastic ending to a high-energy song piece.

The German Rock band also released a lyric video of “Colorado,” having a jam session with two other band members inside a vehicle. Milky Chance North American Tour is already in motion, set to appear at BottleRock Musical Festival in Napa Valley, California.

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