“Grey Skies,” written and performed by four close college friends, speaks to us of the mind-spinning phenomenon of betrayal. Known for Charlie Green giving us intense and meaningful vocals, Taylor Dubray skilled in the bass and keys, Ben Booth contributing on the lead guitar, and rhythmic beats from Chase Wolford on the drums, “Grey Skies” shows off the true power that these four can truly muster. The Nashville-based alternative rock band released the track and its music video on August 27, 2021. The music video received direction and editing from Chase Denton, and production by Frank Paris.

“After spending most of 2020 writing hunkered down in our basement studio, we knew we needed a change of scene. Grey Skies was born out of a cross country road trip out west collaborating with writer/producer Nick Furlong (Papa Roach, Avicii, 5SOS, All Time Low). We built the track over sampled synthesizers with intrusive rock guitars and anthemic vocals to create what we think is very uniquely “Betcha”… It is our first independent release after parting ways from Atlantic records back in February.”

~ Betcha

The single swings into beat immediately with the introduction of the main guitar and accompanying keys. The lyrics contain a sort of confused desperation in them, wondering where everything went wrong. “Grey Skies” goes hard into the agony of being reduced to a background character, as we learn from a description of the breaking point, “when we kissed over a lake you told me I was a mistake, and all at once everything was for nothin’.” Like a realization that things can never go back to the ways they once were, the music video also portrays itself like a set of memories that a person can’t help but reminisce on. It’s a song that can be jammed to in any type of mood.

Be sure to listen to “Grey Skies” whenever the feeling is just right. Betcha will also be going on a U.S. tour starting in December, which you can claim your tickets for here.

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