The most popular EDM festival in all of Thailand, known by fans as “808,” took place in Pattaya this year. Typically taking place in Bangkok, the event has hosted the likes of Zedd, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and much more. Our friend, Nolla, was able to attend for the very first time, and it seems like she had an absolute blast.

Switching things up from the previous years, Nong Nooch Gardens offered a unique experience for the regular festival goers this year. The unique botanical gardens features unique tourist attractions including one thousand different species of palm trees, its own “Stonehenge,” a bonsai garden, and tons of unique activities with sightseeing.

After fueling up at one of the food trucks at the main gates, with your spoil of choice with all sorts of food and drink, the event persisted for two days and created a beautiful experience with it’s once-in-a-lifetime beautiful energy and infectious tunes.

The 2020 edition was spread over two days, and let me tell you; the energy and ambiance didn’t fade a single bit during the entire event! The crowd was packed every single night. It felt incredible! The energy was absolutely infectious; I could not have asked for a better atmosphere! I danced all night long with world class DJs, and they were all amazing.

~ Nollapan Chantra

Moobaan Wonder- by Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is a celebration of art and music that promotes sustainability and change through positive impact. This wonderful festival boasts an extremely versatile program which includes DJ and musical performances, art installations, workshops, talks, activities, outdoor camping, and even banquets hosted by renowned chefs. From young children to adults, the event offers a little something for everyone.

Lasting five weeks, the festival provided attendees an immersive experience celebrating everything Thailand and different experiences and installations every week.

Wonderfruit has always maintained a standard of hygeine, even as the event was held during the period of the pandemic. Nolla was very lucky to attend one of the weekends of this cultural festival. Due to the potential return of the virus in the country, the season-long event was postponed until late January. Read their latest news here.

News by Wonderfruit

For this year, Wonderfruit was really amazing. There were so many activity for people who appreciate the arts, music, lifestyle, culture, and of course, great food! The event offers workshops, family-friendly activities, a market with covetable objects, and immersive art installations to evoke thoughts in the fields of the mind.

~ Nollapan Chantra

When things are a little less unusual in these times, Nolla highly recommends that when you eventually visit the country, these events will be hard to miss.

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