Sending us a feel-good love tune from Charlotte, NC, jazz/pop artist Kat Holland hit us with her powerful steady voice in her new single “The One” from her EP Retrovision. Starting out relaxed, the song gradually begins builds up, adding on layers in the beats and lyrical storyline that will have you nodding your head right along to the groove. The inspiration of the song stems from her long-term relationship and describes the understood feelings that everyone can identify with when they have found “the one.”

The single fits into the story of her well-rounded EP that references her experiences with love and the nostalgia of the past and overcoming previous difficulties in her life. The strength in her voice, like the many classic strong female vocalists in the early 2000’s, helps push the messages of each song even further into the listener’s brain, making it feel so much more raw and real.

Written by Gabrielle Lasater

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