16 Year-Old from Lithuania LUCID KIDD Drops Emo Pop Hit “G N T” OUT NOW

Young people are redefining “emo.” In the late 80s and early 90s, emo music quickly became an umbrella term for a rock music genre that dealt with the heavy stuff––you know, emotions. Pioneered by bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace during the mid-80s hardcore punk outcrop germinating in Washington D.C., emo music leveled out in the mainstream with chart-topping hits from the likes of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco. In the last decade, pop culture has relegated the “emo” idea to meme status, but the genre is making an undeniable comeback.   

In late 2021, Spencer Kraber from The Atlantic offered an enticing thesis about the direction of contemporary pop.  He argues that emo has, and maybe not all of a sudden, become everything, as the voices of young artists are being amplified and popularized.  And what do they have to say? That vulnerability is participatory, and that we’re all facing this emotional tailspin together. 

Riding the popularity of this new emo wave is Lucid Kidd, a 16 year-old artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. Despite his age, Lucid Kidd is wise beyond his years and you’ll likely be hearing more of him.  He just released an impressive new single “G n T” which has already been featured on Spotify’s tear drop playlist, and a trending music video that already has over 100k streams on YouTube. Expect an EP later this year that features ​​titles produced by Fast Life Beats, and IKENNA FuNkEn, and collaborations with Corey Chorus.

Watch “G n T” music video

“G n T” opens with an intimate guitar progression that sets the track’s somber mood. Enter Lucid Kidd’s edgy and melodic vocals, accompanied by catchy pop percussion beat which plays over the guitar’s unheeding chords. It’s unsurprising that “G n T” has caught the ears of popular music lovers, with its memorable riffs and pop-y elements. But the 16 year-old is still riding a unique edge similar to that of his young Gen Z, pop-punk, emo-pop, emo-punk compatriots. Lyrically, “G n T” is expressive and confessional, and sympathizes with anyone who has ever felt alone among others. 

“Essentially, it’s based on the idea of being at a party or a show or somewhere you should be communicating and having fun, but your emotions take over and make you feel unwanted. This song is very personal to me.”  

Lucid Kidd, on “G n T”

Listen to “G n T”

Check out Lucid Kidd to hear the sounds of Gen Z’s rising new artist, and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for exclusive updates. 

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