Lockdown Band FOREVER HONEY Shares”NUMBER ONE FAN” With More to Come

Brooklyn-based jangle pop group Forever Honey released their first single of the year “Number One Fan” via Better Company Records. With “Number One Fan,” Forever Honey expresses feeling trapped, along with the rest of us, in the banal throws of a 2-D screen. Lead vocalist Liv Price sings about the toll that social media has taken on the collective youth of our generation, one that often severs meaningful connection and leaves people confused and wanting.

“What’s going on, I’m hanging on, just by a thread or two.”

from “Number One Fan”

In fact, Forever Honey made its debut in 2020 during these pandemic-ridden and TikTok-infused times. In the Spring of 2020 the band released their 4-piece EP “Pre-Mortem High” that managed to touch the sensibilities of indie tastemakers like NPR, American Songwriter, and The Wild Honey Pie. During the lockdown months to follow, Forever Honey continued to make music despite a lack of outside support.  However, in Summer 2021 the band gained some traction in the live show circuit and released a new single “Satellite,” the first of two via Better Company Records. 

Listen to “Number One Fan” and “Satellite”

With more songs up for imminent release, the future for these young artists is trending upward. “Number One Fan” marks an admirably unique step in their early-days journey.  Lyrically, the track is critical without pointing fingers. It expresses general apprehension about the state of our online lives, but rejects the negativity and blame that so characterizes the social meeds these days. 

Liv Price’s vocals are addictive, and their aloof detachment intriguingly add to the song’s message which seems to be saying the same thing. Aida Mekonnen (lead guitar, vocals), Steve Vannelli (drums, keys), and Jack McLoughlin (bass) offer jangly guitar riffs and 60s-esque pop melodies that will keep you hitting REPLAY.

Forever Honey, courtesy of Eat This Music

Check out Forever Honey’s website, and follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter as they try to navigate this ever-evolving internet world along with the rest of us. 

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