On February 25th post-hardcore outfit Rain City Drive released an emotional new single “Dreams” that speaks to anyone who’s ever woken up missing someone. The band also released a no-flairs music video directed by Katharine White, that showcases lead singer Matt McAndrew’s impassioned vulnerability. The blue-chroma video aptly mimics a liminal, dreamlike-sequence, lending a visual aid to McAndrew’s lyrical melancholy, “I don’t wanna see the sunrise.”

The band formerly called Slaves adopted the name Rain City Drive in 2021 after signing to an independent record label Thriller Records.  Rain City Drive are bassist Colin Vierira, guitarists Weston Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, and drummer Zachary Baker. In 2019 they welcomed new lead singer Matt McAndrew whose debut album To Better Days in 2020 was the last album released under the alt-rock group’s former name. McAndrew was coached by Adam Levine on NBC’s The Voice Season 7, and is now bringing his melodic intensity and canorous songmanship to Rain City Drive as they work to embrace the band’s next chapter. 

Rain City Drive, courtesy of Wall of Sound

With “Dreams,” Rain City Drive adds to the growing anticipation for their second album with McAndrew (title TBA) that’s set to release in Spring 2022. They locked in the name change with the 2021 single “Cutting it Close,” which has already surpassed 1 million streams.  “Dreams” matches the pop-y, radio-hit quality that no doubt made “Cutting it Close” a smash hit, but the new single’s emotional edge pulls at the heart strings in a more mature, fervent, and raw display of songwriting and melodic practice. Where “Cutting it Close” leans into the band’s metallic disposition, “Dreams” turns inward for a more somber, but equally forceful, counterpart. 

It’s safe to say that McAndrew has proven himself a worthy new member, and that he’s serious about taking Rain City Drive to the next level (since 2019, he’s helped the band amass 278 millions streams). And if the numbers don’t speak for themself, take it from Adam Levine who remarked, “This guy’s got it all” about McAndrew during his run on The Voice. If either of the band’s new singles are any insight into the quality of their new album, then things are looking good for Rain City Drive, its fans, and the genre. Check out “Dreams” and “Cutting it Close” below, and stay tuned for the album release. 

Listen to “Dreams”

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