Zoplo’s ‘Are We There Yet’ Is A Colorful Snapshot Of Days Gone By

In a few days time, the world will once again undergo inevitable change. As well wishers, party animals and fire works fill the street come December 31st , we will collectively say goodbye to 2022 and say hi to 2023. Whether done with a heart filled with joy or a heavy one (because reasons) accompanying this farewell is the inevitable process of coming to terms that another chapter of our colorful lives has indeed closed and a new one is about to begin. Just like a video game where one hits stage clear, another level is once again presented for us to explore. That sounds cool and all, there’s that part of us that still wants to hold on to the past as long as possible. Perhaps a memory of a loved one, fun times, or just the vibe of something, it just goes to show that nostalgia isn’t just a fad but a part of being human.

As much as it is with breathing, wishing for things to return to the way it was or simply reminiscing is essential. It’s us reacting to change and it’s also a clear cut sign that we’re aware of everything happening around us and not just letting things fly by our heads. With that being said, the same principle holds true when talking about Canadian Hip hop artist Zoplo with their latest song entitled “Are We There Yet”. Released last December 14th in all major streaming platforms, it’s a nod to how it was growing up and at the same time offering us an intimate glance at life in the city specifically that of Toronto. Sure it wasn’t all sunshine rainbows, but it was a fun roller coaster ride that could very well shape a person. Here’s a snippet: “We traded apple juice for beer cups and pop rocks are real ones. Sneakin out the backdoor was freedom”. It was imperfect, yet it’s exhilarating and very real.

While “Are We There Yet” can be easily mistaken as one that ultimately longs for days gone by, it’s more than just a way back track that appeals to the senses with fire verses. It’s also a wide eyed look at the possibility that despite being surrounded by ghosts that haunts us (divorce, greed, drugs violence etc), we can still live a simple and fulfilled life. It’s cheesy yes, but it’s also a break in character for rap songs of recent years where worldly things are set in a pedestal. A refreshing take that veers away from the genres status quo that’s enough to make anyone’s aura light up and look at things in a brand new light.

Can’t get enough of Zoplo? If you’re just as mesmerized as we are, then go ahead and follow their Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube accounts for more.

Happy Holidays friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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