An Introduction to South Africa’s First Ever Virtual, Internet Rockstar, YUNG BEATHOVEN

South African, fully virtual producer, songwriter, and internet rockstar, YUNG BEATHOVEN, is a rising musician with a unique approach to their music and sound. Their music currently clocks in at over 900,000 streams and draws inspiration from various styles & genres with a favor to indie pop, pop punk, hyperpop & lofi.  Embodying a familiar nostalgic edge to the nineties and earlier 2000s, YUNG BEATHOVEN showcases his own, modern finesse into his work.

The first thing that you’ll notice upon checking out this artist’s work is their anonymous persona. Depicted as a completely virtual and digital presence, a character dressed in a pink ski-mask creates an intriguing visual throughout their creations, both sonic and visual. With each collaboration, the other artists involved join the world of YUNG BEATHOVEN’s creation, a caricature of their own at their side.

a depiction of YUNG BEATHOVEN

As YUNG BEATHOVEN has achieved breakthrough success in South Africa and internationally, his project first gained viral attention after the release of debut track, “midsummer nights.” A lo-fi hip hop instrumental collaboration with underground heavy-hitters such as Bootleg Boy and Neotic, his lo-fi work continued in the 2021 instrumental album, Pink Picasso. Since then, he’s broken through various scopes of genre as his collaborative works grow in number. In YUNG BEATHOVEN’s most recent chapter, they currently have a much anticipated, upcoming pop punk EP with South African Punk Rocker, BROGAN THE BAND.

Toward the upcoming EP, singles “OVERTHINKING” and “SIN KISSED” have been launched on all streaming platforms. Rumored to shake up the entire pop punk scene upon its release, it so far lives up to the anticipation. With a clean cut sound as a whole, it all in all blends beautifully with the vocal composition in this seamless collaboration thus far, and we will be patiently waiting for more.

Listen to the collections of YUNG BEATHOVEN, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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