Yung Beathoven Joins Forces with Brogan the band in “PITY PARTY” EP

South African rising virtual producer, songwriter, and internet rock star, Yung Beathoven, is back with a new EP, joined with a fellow South African punk rocker, Brogan the band. Their pop punk roots and hyper pop tendencies can be felt with every note, carefully crafted and other times happy accidents – the duality of the duo’s influences give the songs their unique sound. Expect memorable hooks, punchy instrumentals and a tongue in cheek approach to songwriting. 

Yung Beathoven (right) Performing with Brogan the band (left) in the world of Beathoven’s dimension…

PITY PARTY began as an online collaboration all while the two projects remained nearly fifteen hundred kilometers apart, and while exploring the ups and downs of life, it, too, channels a highly infectious energy with fast-paced melodies and greatly refreshing modern rock. The duo leave no emotion untouched and share their authentic selves at all times during the four upbeat and energetic songs.

The first two singles of the EP, “FUN” and “FAKE LOVE” were released in unison, showcasing a first look into what the collaboration has to offer. While “FUN” shares a story about a wild night. As the two rock stars party, they burn down the town with upbeat drums, punchy guitar rhythms, and an intensely gritty vocal performance, “FAKE LOVE” contrasts the previous song with a thoughtful tone as one friend encourages the other to stop focusing on the “pity party,” pick up the bootstraps, and make something of the situation at hand.

“MONSTER” dives even deeper into the internal struggles through mental health, breaking bad habits, and drive forth a darker meaning through an even heavier vocal performance. The fast-paced drums of the previous two tracks are replaced with a slower, more emotional introduction before picking up the pace again, and the focus leans on the vocals and the meaning that lie within them.

And completing the short, but sweet EP, our title track, “PITY PARTY” not only wraps all three singles into a neat conclusion, it offers the all the deeper meaning where the character going through the struggles through the relationship, through the bad habits, and the mental health struggles that lie within, the final straw has arrived, and after multiple breakup attempts, the full break happens. The introduction of the track sounds a wail of electric guitar before the first verse breaks. The melancholic melody continues, but you sense in the tone of the vocal performance that the cycle is at its end and it’s time to move on.

PITY PARTY sates the appetite for those craving a refreshing set of pop punk anthems. Throughout the length of the EP, high energy tracks entail a powerfully relatable message to anyone who wants to move on, and, too, creates a catharsis for those in the midst of a struggle in a toxic environment and relationship.

Stream PITY PARTY, now available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for an exclusive merch drop here.

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