Yung Gravy modernizes an 80s mega-hit with his latest single “Betty (Get Money)”

Yung Gravy is perhaps the poster kid of the satirical rap scene: an outrageously lavish musician with “a continuing narrative with MILF names” in every song. Despite the often overzealous, overconfident verses on the rapper’s songs, he has a habit of making truly catchy tracks. That’s especially true of his latest single “Betty (Get Money),” a hit in the making that bases itself on the hook of the iconic “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Using retro nostalgia as a backdrop, Gravy’s suave lyrics hit hot points such as baby mamas, making money fast, and never slowing down. Lavish comedy aside, the track’s title holds an especially deep meaning this time around. “‘Betty’ is a dope one. It’s inspired by Betty White, RIP. I reserved the title for one of my favorite songs.” The single comes ahead of a highly anticipated album coming later in 2022. The project will feature frequent collaborators of Gravy producers PopNick and Dwilly, and also introduces a new sound incorporating live instrumentation. “As a result, it’s also a much deeper and more dynamic Gravy.” “

The video for “Betty (Get Money)” reflects that same sense of growing up and refinement with Gravy donning an all-white suit and a turtleneck while surrounded by a team of dancers. In his 2016 introduction, he was just a kid, but now the Minnesota-born MC is already multiplatinum. “Who is Gravy?” he asks. “Shit, who was Gravy before? I’m a Midwest kid, but Gravy got a bit more refined. The ingredients are a little more expensive, yet it’s still the same smooth Gravy.”

With his streaming numbers approaching the billions, the 26-year-old rapper is far from slowing down. His hair grows longer, that sense of fashion heightens, and of course, the music just keeps getting bigger. Follow Yung Gravy on social media for more and listen to the synth-laden “Betty (Get Money)” below!

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