“Somebody Told Me” That Your Grandparents Put Out A New Song

On May 27th, the “fast-rising R&B/Hip-Hop group Your Grandparents” released their latest single, “Somebody Told Me” featuring “fellow Los Angeles Neo Soul/Hip-Hop musician Amindi!” Featuring a silky-smooth bass line and atmospheric synthesizers over a funky drum groove, “Somebody Told Me” shows Your Grandparents at their best, and although “‘Collaboration is at the heart of what [they] do as a group … rarely do [they] collaborate with any of [their] friends!’” So how did Amindi come to be on the track?

“Somebody Told Me” Single Artwork

Well, Your Grandparents have said that “we thought [the song] could use a certain touch that only Amindi could add,” and they were absolutely right. The bones of the song are great, and the instrumental is absolutely incredible. However, without Amindi’s vocals in the pre-chorus, the song wouldn’t have the same feel. For all the lyrics about potential infidelity, the track is absolutely aided by bringing in the opposing perspective. Having that sense of a grounded reality amidst the chaos of anxiety is what makes this song special.

Plenty of other R&B/Hip-Hop tracks have discussed infidelity, whether anxiously or actually perceived, but having the pre-chorus be that calming/centering voice that only Amindi could provide gives the track another life. That’s not to say the song isn’t good without Amindi, because it’s a fantastically funky frolic through well-trodden ground. Your Grandparents deserve a ton of credit for not only structuring the song perfectly but also for understanding that something was missing.

“Somebody Told Me” is the start of Your Grandparents’ new project, one that acts as “an abstract depiction exploring who they are on and off screen.” If this track is any indication, that project is going to be absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Check out “Somebody Told Me” below, and let us know what you think!

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