For all the sentimental compositions that exist in the world about fitting in and just being an honest version of oneself, it’s a bit easy to get jaded — especially when such songs are delivered by super-famous, incredibly good-looking and embarrassingly-rich musicians. Sometimes the ideas are half-formed, other times they’re delivered with little conviction and more often than not they relay the same exact message about not caring what others think. But thankfully, South African alt-pop rising star Baby Queen has released a refreshing take on the positive affirmation movement with her latest single, “Nobody Really Cares.”

Despite her relatively recent debut in 2020, Baby Queen has already gained a massive following of fans. She’s had her music featured on Netflix’s LGBTQ+ series Heartstopper, amassed 5.5 millions streams worldwide and constantly sells outs shows wherever she goes. Deemed a “voice for the underdog” and an “anti-hero” in the pop genre, it’s no surprise then that “Nobody Really Cares” plays perfectly to Baby Queen’s strengths. She recycles the same sentiments as in other songs about being yourself, but in a much more delightfully callous way. With lyrics like, “Everybody’s so in love with themselves / They’ve got no mental capacity for anyone else / Your taste, your weight / And the way you dress / Is irrelevant to somebody who’s self obsessed,” it’s not hard to smile at Baby Queen’s bluntness and ability to cut to the chase about the way all our minds work.

But what makes “Nobody Really Cares” really stand out — aside from its pitch-perfect bubblegum-pop-meets-alt-rock sound a la Lorde, Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish — is the absolute snarkiness of the chorus: “Crash your daddy’s car / Get kicked out the bar / Sabotage your two months sober / Spend a weekend on your sofa.” On this track, unlike so many others like it, Baby Queen actively and unabashedly encourages listeners to be their true, authentic selves even if it means being the worst version of them themselves — something which unironically resonates well for young adults in this day and age. Baby Queen is direct and to the point about the song’s meaning — especially evident in the 90’s-tinged, “too cool” music video, and in her own thoughts on its content:

“‘Nobody Really Cares’ is about realizing it’s okay to be yourself and do exactly what makes you happy, because people are selfish in nature and only have so much space inside their brains reserved for you. I think it’s really liberating to know that nobody cares about your self expression as much as you sometimes think they do, so filtering yourself to please them is pointless.”

With “Nobody Really Cares,” Baby Queen not only continues her ascent to music stardom, but cements herself as a voice for those who are tired of false platitudes and want to just live life without shame or judgment. There’s a sentimental side to Baby Queen and her music for sure, but there’s also a wonderful, refreshing directness that will no doubt make her stand out as an artist for years to come.

Baby Queen’s mixtape, The Yearbook, was released in 2021 to critical and commercial acclaim. Aside from her sold-out 7-show tour earlier this year, she also just toured with Olivia Rodrigo on her two London dates and received a spot on the coveted BBC Sounds of 2022 list, naming her as an artist to watch. Give a listen and a watch to Baby Queen’s “Nobody Really Cares” below!

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