With her newest single and music video, WILLOW just may prove she’s the rockstar we’ve all needed since the genre was superseded by pop in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Always a trendsetter and rebel, “Purge” is WILLOW’s heaviest, and possibly most revealing, track to date.

WILLOW is known for her collaborations with artists like Travis Barker and Avril Lavigne — classic musical team-ups with progenitors of the genre that WILLOW effortlessly emulates. This time around, she collabs with rising alternative star Siiickbrain, who contributes to the song’s lyrics with equal measure. In the second verse, WILLOW utters “Trying to find my way to the light / Through traps in my mind, it’s gonna be fine / It’s gonna be fine,” while Siiickbrain all but screams her lungs out on, “Sink into the dark / I can’t seem to find myself / I tried to come back but it’s so hard” for each chorus.

The track is not for the faint of heart or those unwilling to reveal their darkest sides — in “Purge,” WILLOW calls on all listeners to take in her pain and bask in their own, especially in these strange, crazy times. “Purge” is a quick jaunt through a multitude of angsty emotions set to heavy guitar riffs and trap beats. As such, the grungy sound fits perfectly with the music video, which is self-directed by WILLOW and features herself and Siiickbrain getting tattoos, making out and causing mayhem in a gritty, grime-infested city. In short, the video perfectly matches the tone of the song’s righteous anger at external and internal strifes.

It’s a sentiment close to WILLOW’s heart, as the musician, talk show participant and writer stated recently:

“Everyone is going through something … the biggest disservice you could do [is] put up a facade and be like, that’s not the case.”

“Purge” is a song that grabs you by the throat and dares you not just to listen, but to feel. It’s pleading, rebellious, angry and innovative all at once — securing WILLOW as one of the biggest and most authentic names in the rock and punk genres today. WILLOW will be on tour starting this summer, accompanying Machine Gun Kelly and stopping by numerous festivals worldwide. You can listen to her latest single below!

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