Melbourne’s indie-pop artist Will Hyde's 'Boy' is an ode to coming of age.

Melbourne singer Will Hyde triumphantly returns with a nostalgic new single,’ Boy.’ released July 28, 2021. Hyde open-heartedly pays homage to his younger self in a modern coming-of-age song. An intimate musical piece where he shares life lessons and his perspective as a young adult. Last year, Hyde released charming EP singles, “Dark Until September” and “easy for u,” among his most popular tracks.

Hyde teamed up with singer Cyrus Villanueva, former X Factor Australia winner, co-writing and producing a masterful track. Hyde approaches his adulthood with open eyes, reminiscing parts of his adolescents. “Cause when I was younger/ I never thought that I would meet this side of me /But now that I’m older/ I know all the failures/ Are just the parts that made him me.” A mellow acoustic plays, children’s voices overheard in the background. His melodic voice is smooth; sweet-sounding instruments and fingerpicking acoustic puts you in a daydream.

Will Hyde- Boy (Official Musical Lyrics)

Hyde’s ‘Boy’ music video by Gavin Pomerantz shares touching moments of Hyde’s childhood and documents his personal life. Footages are recorded with a 90’s VHS lo-fi film, following his musical journey, sharing moments with family and friends. “If that boy were to meet me/ I don’t know if he’d like me /He’d probably say it’s a bad dream /While I’m here thinking the same thing.” Hyde’s lyricism is evocative and genuine, pours his inner emotions in every verse.” The video is visually stunning, reveals a thoughtful approach to Hyde’s adolescence and personal growth as an aspiring musician.

Will Hyde-Boy

As a teenager, Hyde was formerly part of an electronic duo SŸDE, and a finalist for Triple J Unearthed in 2017.  His musical career successfully gained him a considerable fan base in the United States and Australia. Now, as a solo artist, we can expect great things from this promising young artist. 

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