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It seems like only yesterday that I was standing front row of a small UK venue, singing out loud the words to ‘Bigger Than Us’ and sipping on my 4% lager. No wrinkles, dark hair and wearing a t-shirt where I didn’t have to breathe in for it to feel remotely comfortable.

Flash forward ten years and I’m shooting a concert in Denmark, slurping on a Red Bull with my grey hair and a jumper a size too big for me, in order to hide an ever expanding waistline I’ve become accustomed to seeing develop over the years.

It’s also the 10th anniversary of the release of ‘To Lose My Life’, the first installment of what was to be 5 album releases for UK indie/rock band, White lies, during this period.


They’re back to celebrate the occasion with the people that have followed the band through their extraordinary journey as indie rock kids to post punk revivalists.


Instead of party poppers and balloons to get the party in swing, it seemed more fitting that the band opened their set to the backdrop of shadows, neon lights and a low lying mist to lay solemnly against the bodies of the band during opening song `Death´.

The set continues and the crowd are treated to a run through of the first album, from start to finish. All songs are greeted with huge excitement but with a tinge more cheer when songs ´to Lose My Life´and ´Fairwell To The Fairground´, are belted out by the terrific trio.


“Thank you for supporting us and being with us along the way”, lead singer Harry gleefully shouts out to the crowd and during a rapturous applause, the band stand motionless, with smiles radiating from the stage.


It’s an onslaught of new and old tunes to carry the mood forward and a momentary walk off stage is left with cries of “we want more! We want more” from the audience.

Of course, the demands are met and the band have been summoned to an encore consisting of hit tune, ´Bigger Than Us´, which in my opinion, is probably their best tune both musically and technically.


It doesn’t disappoint and I find myself edging closer to the front of the room and tapping my feet just that little bit more than normal. Can’t help myself. 


Let’s hope there will be another 10 years and another few hit songs in there for the next leg of their life. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the crowd for some great concerts of late and this one joins the list, just sneaking into probably the top position. Hip Hip… hooray!

Nice to get the chance to check out the support band, Boniface, who arrived on stage with a swagger, foreseeing a night filled with promise and expectation. They filled the slot nicely and I spent the time drawn to the bands’ guitarist, throwing shapes and facial expressions that kept my intrigue. 

He wasn’t the only one. The band made a good account of themselves, showing some good energy in a passionate performance of electronic noise mixed with hooky riffs and clean vocals. 

Guess I better get a bigger jumper for the next anniversary!


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