What a better way to spend a Saturday evening than in companion of a group of evil alien invaders spraying the blood from the stage? Any propositions? No? That’s exactly why I decided to see GWAR performing live.

The show was not completely sold out, but this was expected as people are more into meeting friends for ‘Christmas dinners’. One such dinner party moved to the venue with few guys in Santa hats jumping around and enjoying the music.

GWAR shows are like a metal theater with a lot of characters and plenty of funny-gore skits. The show started with an introduction of the GWAR – an elite fighting force sent away on a ‘fool’s errand to conquer an insignificant shitball floating in a dark corner of the universe – the planet Earth’.

So, the band covered in funny costumes showed up and started the show – we had a guy with a huge moose horns on the vocals, another guy in the hammer helmet on guitar and a bunch of other funny creatures coming and going off the stage. The second song started with a short prequel – intergalactic policeman showed up and started to threaten the band and fans (I even got smacked with a baton as I was close to the stage).

This intervention ended up in a gore retaliation when band members took revenge on the space officer, ripping off his chest with a fountain of blood spraying from his heart on fans in first rows (I left the venue covered from head to feet in the fake blood). But that was not the end of the torture – the GWAR squad took off his pants and pierced him through his anus then simply took him out of the stage.

If that was not weird enough – in next skit a pregnant creature showed up, gave a birth to a little monster who has been carried through stage peeing with a blood from his enormous genitals on the poor guys in the first rows. This weird and funny spectacle continued with a mixture of fans laughs and heavy music. I have a few learnings from this show – always wear a dark t-shirt, avoid getting sprayed, expect the unexpected and most important – enjoy the show!


One more thing to add – Voivod was opening this show what added a bit to the awesomeness of the evening. I do believe that some metal dudes enjoyed this part a bit more as they could start the proper mosh pit – they were much more focused on the visual part during GWAR performance.

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