Memphis rappers Don Trip and Criminal Manne got together to drop their newest collaborative project Lethal Weapon at the end of November. Produced by DJ Squeeky and mixed by Ari Morris, the album has 12 tracks. 


This album is just another example of the great talent that Memphis has to offer. It has a lot to offer in terms of listening – the two lyricists reflect on street themes such as authenticity, sacrifice, and the paper chase while the production keeps one engaged with head-bobbing beats.

The intro track ‘Victory’ was actually pre-released a few weeks prior to the album date. The first time I heard the song I knew that we were in for a good album. As I’m sure many can say, this teaser had me eagerly awaiting Lethal Weapon. From the moment of the bass drop at the 15 second mark, I was hooked. To put it plainly, they went hard from beginning to end.

Besides the audio for Lethal Weapon, this Memphis crew has been hard at work on visuals too. Coupled with the release of the album, a music video for the second track ‘Shooters on Standby’, shot by Skits Pro, was uploaded to Don Trip’s YouTube channel. The already engaging song is well complemented by this visual which brings lyrical imagery to life. The YouTube video is below.


Aside from the already mentioned tracks, my favorite off of the album is ‘Everything New’. I’m a fan of the tag-team style collaborative rapping, where artists go back and forth building off each other’s bars. Another reason I love this song is that Don Trip throws his punchlines that make him one of my favorite rappers. For example, “Pretty b*tch is my sidekick, keep the blade on her like Kill Bill. I’m in Bel Air like the Fresh Prince, I keep all my pockets on Uncle Phil.”

I enjoyed this album and it has me looking forward to a future collaboration between the two rappers. If you haven’t listened to Lethal Weapon, do yourself a favor and tune in. It’s available for streaming on all major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

By Caleb Putman

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