“What A Day” for Penny Roox in Her Newest Single

Penny Roox returns with a new track “What A Day,” a soft indie pop song about a relationship that’s painfully over. In this release, she surprises her audience with a fresh sound, all without losing her melancholic feel.

Roox is based in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and arms herself with her alluring voice and touching songs. Her debut single “Mean” released on January 22, 2021, and was added in several big Spotify lists from her hometown. These playlists were “New Music Friday NL,” “Made In NL,” and shown internationally, in “Fresh Finds Indie.” She continues to be inspired by the sweet ballads of the 60’s, holding on to memories and daydreams that simply won’t leave her be.

“What A Day” is available now through her Spotify profile.

The track is softly spoken and gentle with its message. Backed by a touching sound of both acoustic and non-acoustic elements, Roox goes into detail of how life changes when you have to break apart with someone you once were close to. She speaks of how they are still seen in daily life through little things, like routines and familiar objects. Mornings become close to unbearable as strong love turns to distant memories, the loneliness of the night lingering still when the sun rises to its peak. The emotion put into “What A Day” perfectly exemplifies the pain that occurs throughout all of this, and how it’s tough to escape when these melancholy moments truly settle in.

For more from Roox, she can also be found on Instagram.

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