Exclusive Premiere: FLACCO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE takes us on an energetic jazz trip in their new single

The sound of a steadfast electric guitar and saxophone collide in the explosive introduction of FLACCO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE’s new powerful single “OPENING CREDITS (TO AN ACTION-PACKED TALE DETAILING THE ODD EXCURSIONS OF A FELLOWSHIP OF MAVERICKS).” The eye-catching title matches the energy of the action-packed six-minute track, a journey through serene guitar soundscapes intermingled amongst dreamlike trumpet melodies, seamless sixteenth-note patterns, and duets with a romantic-sounding saxophone.

In between the main players are synth patterns, swift plucking on standup basses, the perfectly-timed tap of the hi-hat on a drum, and much more. The multi-layeredness of the instrumentals results in an otherworldly soundscape here, an intriguing introduction to a new sonic world built on multiple time signatures, genre influences (from bossa nova to modern jazz,) and mood-shifting chapters of sound.

The engaging jazz track is the opener to FLACCO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE’s debut album Sugar Shit Silk Sweat, which they describe as “a seamless meld of dream pop, prog, modern jazz, and more.” The Boston-based group is fronted by Keenan “Flacco” Ruffin, who plays the guitar, pedals, composes, and arranges the pieces. Other members include bassist and synth player Scott Kiefner, percussionist Zachary King, trumpet and flugelhorn player Max Richardsson, Jett Tachibana on saxophone, and the mixing and matering is done by Eric Klaxton.

Keep up with frontman Flacco on his social media and listen to “OPENING CREDITS (TO AN ACTION-PACKED TALE DETAILING THE ODD EXCURSIONS OF A FELLOWSHIP OF MAVERICKS)” below!

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