Weston Sets a New Lyrical Standard in “Final Frontier”

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In the current age of mainstream rap, which I actually tend to drift away from, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear lyrical genius and impeccable flow from modern generation artists. “Final Frontier” by Weston stands out because of the lyrical mastery paired with a vibey horn-based beat.

Weston is a hip-hop artist and songwriter originally from Ohio. After spending four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, he moved to Nashville and found a community of underground hip-hop creators that he could embrace and thrive within. Over the years, he has released three albums and a handful of other singles. Now, he finds himself in the midst of the Nashville hip-hop scene with the upcoming release of his Gone Fishing LP.

His first single off of the LP, “Southpaw”, was released last month and features the same lyrical wit. Weston drew from influences like Mac Miller and Anderson .Paak for his latest single, “Final Frontier,” which features an intoxicating horn line that remains subtle but still so catchy. Sticking true to the title of the LP, both singles contain phrases and lines that play with the idea of fishing and other aquatic themes.

With an upbeat and charismatic flow, Weston sends a strong message about taking action – fighting for what’s right, even if it’s a risky and difficult journey. He rhymes about moving beyond what has been set by previous generations and being ready for the obstacles that come with doing what is different than the societal norm. His hook contains the phrase “walk the plank,” which speaks directly to having to take that difficult step out to fight for love, and to fight for the people who don’t have a voice.

Weston hopes to set a new standard for his generation and those moving forward. “Final Frontier” is a prime example of what modern-day hip hop could be.

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