Following their EP single releases “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” and “Virtual Aerobics,” Wallows just dropped their quarantine-made EP titled Remote. Each track was produced by Sachi DiSerafino, John DeBold, and Wallows, except for “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” which was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Haim, Adele).

The album features some crunchy beats and positive lyrics that will brighten up your afternoon with memories of sunnier days.

Starting us off with single “Virtual Aerobics,” the song was released with a music video to promote body positivity. The lyric video was directed and edited by Nikoli Partiyeli, and choreographed by Emilia Richeson-Valiente of Pony Sweat. The team wanted to create a fiercely noncompetitive dance aerobics practice that celebrates anti-perfectionism and the liberation of all shapes and sizes of the human body.

“Dig What You Dug,” the second track on the album, discusses the struggle in finding friendships that bring the best out of you. “You never wanted all the friends you’ve got/Turned into someone that you know you’re not/Pick up something for yourself that you like/Before you get out and get what’s on their mind…” vocalist Braeden Masters sings in the verse.

The first single teased from the EP, “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” is a cool electric track first released on Instagram as a charity livestream event. Staying well in-touch with fans, the band has created an open, positive environment to connect with their audience and raise money for great causes. This track was also paired with an epic music video, directed by Dillon Dowdell.

“Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” was basically done in a day. We were at a studio, Cole and I, with our friend Sachi and John. We were just kind of jamming on stuff and one of the first ideas that I sort of played was this little guitar part. Then John chopped it up and made it this kind of percussion sounding thing. […] The song is about my girlfriend Jenessa, I was thinking about her because it’s just one of those songs. Sometimes you just gotta write a song about that. In the context, ‘nobody gets me like you’ it’s such a simple title but I also just feel like it is really special when you feel like you find someone who you connect with in a way that’s way deeper than just surface level stuff.”

– Braeden Lemasters via MTV

Addressing a couple’s long-distance relationship, “Coastlines” is a more vulnerable track on the album talking of the difficulties in staying in touch and building trust with one another.

“Talk Like That,” discusses a difficult fight between partners; emphasizing that to solve the problem involved, all they need to do is talk about it a while and put the work in to improve the relationship. The track starts with quick tempo, thrumming bass, and punchy lyrics, then slows down in the bridge to hone the listener in on the implied advice given by vocalist Dylan Minnette.

Concluding the short and sweet EP is “Wish Me Luck.” In the lyrics, you can hear the internal battle with insecurity. With its slow tempo as you can practically see the credits roll.

Remote is a special project for us. We finished it all without seeing each other in person by sending each other voice memos and spending hours chatting on FaceTime. Though the lyrics don’t reflect on or reference our time staying at home, the music wouldn’t have turned out the way it did if not for quarantine. Big love to our producers and friends Sachi DiSerafino and John DeBold for working around the clock with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

–The Wallows Team

The band is celebrating Remote‘s release week with a bunch of activities: a remote quarantine Zoom listening event and conversation with fans today, participating in Gamers.Vote’s Falloween “Fall Guys” tournament in support of Vote Early Day, a Twitter Q&A on Monday (10/26), Reddit AMA on Thursday (10/29), and capping the week off with a TikTok Altrocktober session and a performance for Rolling Stone’s Fridays For Unity event series Friday (10/30).

Remote is available on all streaming services here. You can find album merchandise, including the pink vinyl which features a B-side Remote logo etching here. Stream the album on Spotify below!

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