This week, we are featuring releases from musicians you cannot miss! Our singles involve a bit of rock music of all kinds, to satisfy any palate. Our featured albums involve some of the latest releases.

Adar Alfandari’s “Gold Dust”: an alternative rock track with acoustic guitar elements and swooning vocals.

Slim Tin Fox’s “Molly (Tapetown Remix)”: a gritty rock track reminiscent of the classics and The White Stripes.

Evernoir’s “Welcome Back to the Darkness”: For fans of Lacuna Coil and female-led melodic metal, this track will soothe you into a state of calm as the music ropes you into its spell of wonder.

Devil May Care’s “Calm Waters”: a post-hardcore track with hit-worthy guitar licks, heavy drums, and crisp vocals.

Morgane Matteuzzi x Netti’s “Bleeding Out”: a different kind of electronic track; featuring haunting vocals and blood-curdling screams that will set the mood for the stormy days ahead.

Here are some epic albums you should take a look at that were released within the last couple of weeks:

The Oh Hellos’s Zephyrus: Representing the final cardinal wind in The Oh Hellos’s latest project, Zephyrus is the album filled with the gentle warmth of spring that “summons up a new year of growth rooted in the fertile ashes of all the structures that keep us isolated and unfeeling — the kind of growth we can see in ourselves, if we can muster the courage to be vulnerable,” the duo explains. “The arrangements mirror and embrace this shift, rising up like tender leaves breaking through concrete and cascading down like mountain rivers surging with the first thaw of the season. It’s been a long year; thanks for listening.” Take a look at our full album review, here!

Bea Miller’s Elated EP:

Wallows’s Remote EP: featuring some crunchy beats and positive lyrics that will brighten up your afternoon with memories of sunnier days. Take a look at our full album review here!

What track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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