Wallows Return “Marvelous” In A Shimmering Package: Courtesy Of Cole Preston


Although standing at the threshold of his remixing career, Cole Preston’s version of “Marvelous” presents a form of mastery ahead of his time spent on the mixing board. Following the release of its Wallows original counterpart is Cole’s retro spin on the already applauded track– now available on all streaming platforms.

The multi-platinum, alt-rock trio has had the hearts of those who prefer to embark on a semi-sonic, auditory exploration since their commencement in 2017. Almost instantly, the band was a certified household name. With their supportive, nearly obsessive group of followers spreading their name and appreciation, exposition tracks like “Pleaser” and “Sun Tan” made room for the explosive influence Nothing Happens had on fans and newcomers alike.

Fast forward not even 2 years later, and the band was back for more, only this time far removed from society. The EP successor to their musical tool belt, Remote— written, rehearsed, recorded, and produced all out of a single room in the heart of the pandemic was a force to be reckoned with. Leaving the fans needing more, Wallows set themselves up for immediate success in their recently released album Tell Me It’s Over, which features the crux of today’s renovation, “Marvelous.”

Beginning as equal parts side hustle and artistic exploration, Cole Preston found his interest in electronic music and the details and creative freedom that goes into production. “I recently took up an interest in electronic music production and thought it would be a fun experiment to remix our own song,” Preston says. “I’m honestly surprised it’s coming out and am excited for people to hear it.”

Polishing the already polished post-punk fusion of lo-fi indie was Cole Preston’s magnum opus– as its original was stamped on the forefront of his illusive brain. “Marvelous (Cole’s Remix)” defies the standards pressed in modern day electronic music by repurposing the sounds of the past, specifically 90’s synth pop.

With a fresh coat of shimmery metallic paint, Preston turned its earthly shield into a glass menagerie. Speeding up the tempo, sprinkling it in chimes, and elevating the vocals to match its nostalgic energy, the track travels far from its home but is still recognizable at its core– a recipe for all accomplished remixes. It’s slightly robotic but full of light as it begins and ends, balancing between a space of playful restoration and experimental precision.

While “Marvelous” on its own is a showpiece worth listening to, we can only hope Preston brings out the mixing board during their live performances this fall– starting September  24 at Santa Barbara, CA’s Arlington Theatre and wrapping up Saturday, October 15 with a renown performance at Austin, TX’s Austin City Limits Music Festival. Follow the Tell Me That It’s Over World Tour below and reserve your tickets here.


24 – Santa Barbara, CA – Arlington Theatre

25 – Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall + 

28 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre + (SOLD OUT)

29 – Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall + (SOLD OUT)

30 – Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl % (SOLD OUT)


1 – Salt Lake City, UT – Union Event Center % (SOLD OUT)

3 – Santa Fe, NM – The Bridge % (SOLD OUT)

4 – El Paso, TX – Abraham Chavez Theatre % (SOLD OUT)

6 – San Antonio, TX – Aztec Theatre & (SOLD OUT)

8 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Music Festival

9 – New Orleans, LA – Orpheum Theater %

10 – Memphis, TN – The Soundstage at Graceland %

12 – Fayetteville, AR – JJ’s Live %

13 – Oklahoma City, OK – The Criterion %

15 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Music Festival

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