CJ-0 is a well established music producer, composer, songwriter, and vocalist, so it comes to no surprise that her debut single, “A Long Way Back,” is no less short of a good listen. She knows all of the ins and outs of the music industry, delving into such a world at only the age of nine years old. CJ-0 is was born a creative family that priotized the expression of music, and from this she took it upon herself to grow up into a hardworking and passionite individual.

By the age of 20 years old, CJ-0 has been GRAMMY-nominated five times, composed for multiple orchestras, and toured to a multitide of different locations with many artists. Some of her most reconizable credits include spots with Netflix, SPLICE, WTCH, Laura Bell Bundy, Jon McLaughlin, 10th Avenue North, The Sarasota Orchestra, the Nashville Symphony, Ria Barkr, Emy Taliana, and many more.

“‘A Long Way Back’ is a poetic gesture, highlighting the truths surrounding mental health, and finding yourself again. Set to a soundscape inspired by alt/electronic pioneers such as Thom Yorke, it leaves you floating in your feels but grounded in a soft but solid EDM style beat.”

~ CJ0Music

The beginning of “A Long Way Back” gives the impression of a gentle reminder, one that tells of a time of what life was like before the reality of hardship settles deep. The instrumentals are steady, and bring flavor to the echos of voices that tie a knot in perfect harmony. Once you reach around the midway point of the track, however, the pace picks up exponentially, and a bounce carries the remainder of the song to its conclusion of breathtaking violins. “A Long Way Back” provides an incredibly unique song structure, one that is hard to find in everyday media, and is a joy to use to unwind, or simply tap your foot to.

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