Valley Breaks Out New Single “The Problem Song”

Alternative-pop band Valley spits truth from their latest release, “The Problem Song.” The 2-minute and 37-second track came out on Friday and is an ode to mental health. Their approach to “The Problem Song” is incredibly smooth and delicate in the instrumentation and, especially, the lyrics.

“The Problem Song” has quite the consolatory lyrics that acknowledge the inevitable – life is hard and will always be full of challenges that feel like things will never improve. However, the broken aspects of life will mend.

“Yeah, we got problems / Yeah, we need fixin’ / I know it’s been a long road / And you’re runnin’ out of patience / I put paper to pen / And therapy said / ‘Maybe we can start again’ / Yeah, we got problems, baby / But I know that we can fix them.”

The track resembles, not entirely, their 2020 song “Homebody,” where it contains earnest and profound lyrics, yet their soft 90s pop sound assuaged the intensity.

Valley is known for carrying an intimate sound in their music while addressing essential topics regarding life, and it’s lovely how they can still reach their message to their audience while also giving them something to jam to with the 90s nostalgic pop sound.

On Instagram, the band posted about how “The Problem Song” came about.

“Mickey (Michael Brandolino) made the beat while hungover at the airport in Belgium. He came home and we went away to a cabin in the woods for a week and started to begin the process of the “scary second album.” We were all playing demos and randon ideas we had started over the past few weeks on the first night until Mickey played “The Problem Song” beat and we freaked out. We knew it was special. Now we’re here!!!”


The band says more music is coming, so stick around for more.

And go listen to “The Problem Song” right now!!

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