Ulrik Munther’s “C’est La Vie” — Review

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Ulrik Munther, the Swedish singer-songwriter whose prior work has placed him at the top of Sweden’s charts, released his latest single “C’est La Vie” on June 12. A nostalgic reflection on simpler times accompanied by a music video that serves as a highlight reel for his early childhood, the song follows January’s “Gloom.” and April’s “Man in Need” as Munther’s third single of 2020.

The Universal Music Sweden signee reflected on what this song meant to him in an Instagram post two weeks ago.

“As kids we look up to adults,” Munther said. “But as an adult, I find myself more and more inspired by kids. They are honest with their emotions, they ask for help when they need it and they’re not afraid to try. Their minds are open and their perspectives are constantly changing.”


He juxtaposes this childlike curiosity and eagerness to develop with the resistance to change we sometimes feel as adults. With “C’est La Vie,” he illustrates his belief that, since this change is constant and inevitable, a willingness to let things go and adapt to change will lead to a much more meaningful and satisfactory life than a desperate attempt to cling to the past.

His delivery is nothing short of excellent. With vocals that are reminiscent of a more commercialized Bon Iver, “C’est La Vie” delivers an uplifting, worthwhile addition to your music library.

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