ttypes revitalizes past project with a jolt of dream-pop in “73 78 Honey”

Smooth and hypnotizing, the newest song by ttypes (an acutely dubbed “remix of a remix”) is an intimate love letter to someone’s entire world. “73 78 Honey” – a song to listen to when you want to feel something real, deep, and true. With its meditative natuure in the innate repetition in the piano and synth and dreamy sweetness in the song’s romantic lyricism, the soothing and simple patterns of notes lull you into a deep emotional slumber. The stacked harmonies of ttypes’ vocals also create a sleek fortress of satisfying sound that transcends and pulls listeners in close with each whispered syllable.

ttypes built this new song “73 78 Honey” off of the bones of the Beck and Phillip Glass song “NYC 73 -78.” Giving the song new life, he spent a lot of time reworking, building, mixing, and adding new elements to the track to create something new of his own. It’s a sweeter version of its darker predecessor, the entire song a gorgeous meditative piece, something of a love letter read aloud with an experimental electronic backing track.

The solo project of Grand Rapids, Michigan songwriter Tim Krauss, ttypes has been crafting unique and new projects like this for years. With musical influences from genres like ambient, instrumental, piano pop, and more, he also draws a lot of inspiration from the books of Ursula K. LeGuin, but overall prefers to be seen as genreless.

Keep up with Krauss on Instagram or Twitter for more, or on his Patreon for early releases and other goodies, and listen to his latest track “73 78 Honey” below!

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