“Clicked On Romance” Is Jazz For The Modern Age

Photo Credits: Peter N’Guyen

I’m so happy we swiped to the right

Everything now is more than alright

I’m so grateful we gave love a chance

When we clicked on romance!

“Clicked On Romance” lyrics – Ori Dagan

Relatable and all-around hilarious, Ori Dagan’s “Clicked on Romance” blends a big band sound with the topical themes of online dating. Channeling the spirit of the legendary jazz provocateur, Johnny “Bowtie” Barstow, the single has the making to be a modern-day jazz Standard. Completely original, here is an inside look at the romantic tune’s songwriting.

Photo Credits: Peter N’Guyen

Based on a true story, the subject matter of “swiping right” is oddly fresh and completely unexpected for this musical styling. Tongue-in-cheek, the silly lyrics such as “ding dittle-ittle-ding ding” creates a wholesome production that complements the already cheery ragtime sound. Collectively built off an assortment of instruments, the piano and drums work to keep the rhythm while the horns often times swoop in and steal the spotlight. Taking the cake, a manic sax solo can be heard at 1:34 of the tune creating an electrifying atmosphere alongside its tap-dancing counterpart (which is only heard on the YouTube version).

Thanks to an app called ‘Plenty of Fish’
We both got our wish!

“Clicked On Romance” lyrics – Ori Dagan

Nonetheless, the standout aspect found within the single has to be frontman Ori Dagan’s singing. With his rich baritone voice presenting the narrative in a spontaneous and eccentric way, we, the audience, experience an audaciously unique vocal performance. Charismatic and self-aware, the vocal styling is the cherry on top that makes this eclectic track both humorous and captivating.

Video Credit: Ori Dagan’s Official YouTube Channel

Zany, charming, and all-around fun, you can listen to Ori Dagan’s “Clicked on Romance above and here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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