Top Singles This Week: School’s Almost Out!

For those of us on the semester system, it’s officially (almost) summer! Unfortunately, this means it’s also finals season for a lot of us, which means late nights, long study sessions, and lots and LOTS of coffee. This week, I chose my favorite songs to which I’ve been studying these past weeks, perfect for getting you hyped up for the amazing summer ahead of us. If you’re looking for a study break, keep reading!

“good kid” by Daniel Leggs

Starting off slow, Daniel Leggs’ new release “good kid” is the soundtrack to a late-night study session. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter tells an emotional story through “good kid”, an honest retelling of starting to question the world around you at a young age. Following the release of his debut EP, runaway, and the new single “saw you in the paper”, the track is the second in a sequence of monthly song releases. If you’re looking for some more authentic, alternative pop ballads, make sure to check out the rest of Daniel Leggs’ music on Spotify. You can also watch the official live performance of “last one standing”, Leggs’ first release of 2023, here

“if i were a fish (feat. Olivia Barton)” by corook

The Nashville-based artist corook has returned once again with “if i were a fish”, featuring their girlfriend, Olivia Barton. The upbeat song is corook’s response to internet hate, as well as taking pride in being different from others. The song, that has since gone viral on TikTok with over 11 million views, is the self-love anthem we all need during finals week. The two voices blend together perfectly, along with a chorus of voices that appear during the choruses, making it impossible to not sing along. This single follows the previous releases of “i’m not doing well” and “CGI“, two singles that showed a more vulnerable side of the 28-year-old songwriter. This summer, corook will be playing at Nashville PRIDE on June 25th, which you can get tickets to here.

“Couldn’t Make It Up” by Ben Howard

Ben Howard’s new release, “Couldn’t Make It Up“, is the perfect song for studying outside or using it as a motivator to finish up your work for the day. The light drum beats in the new track blend with the electric guitar melody line that carries the verses. The English singer’s vocals float effortlessly on top of the instrumentals, making it so I can’t help but sing along. The lyrics tell a true story, detailing one of the two mini-strokes Howard experienced last year. “Couldn’t Make It Up” serves as the lead track of Howard’s fifth studio album, Is It?, out June 16th. Howard will be kicking off a European tour in May, with dates in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, and more. Get tickets to see Ben Howard and hear his new album, Is It?, live this summer.

“Fiona” by The Hails

Miami-based band The Hails has released yet another banger with “Fiona”, an ode to iconic artist Fiona Apple. The groovy track chronicles being so enamored by someone, perhaps a lover or someone you just want to be like. The Hails are currently on the road, with shows supporting The Happy Fits, The Beaches, and the moss with dates across the United States. The band is also set to release their debut LP later this year, with singles “Exonerate” and “Breathless” as previous releases. The band has been consistently on the rise, with support from Billboard and features on iconic Spotify playlists like All New Indie and Fresh Finds. Check out The Hails’ Instagram for more info on their upcoming tour and album!

“Carousel” by MYRNE

Lastly, I wanted to end this week with one of my favorite house releases of the moment. MYRNE, a Singapore-based DJ, has returned to the dance music scene with his new single, “Carousel“. Fresh off a hit U.S. tour, the DJ samples singer-songwriter Catali on this track, combining her vocals with synths and vintage drum beats to create an amazing dance record. I used this song as my inspiration to get all of my final papers and exams finished, knowing once they’re done, it’s officially party time! This is the perfect song for not just the pregame, but the main function. This song is best blasted at full volume, either while partying with your friends or driving down the highway late at night. Check out MYRNE’s Instagram to stay up to date with new releases.

As more songs of the summer continue being released, we are looking forward to hearing new music from all of these artists. If you’re still looking for new music, stay tuned to find out our picks for top singles of next week!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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