Penguin Café Sweeps Us Off Our Feet In ‘In Re Budd’

Being calm in this day and age could be a challenge. With all the distractions splayed before us buffet style. Our senses tingle left and right like Spidey but in overdrive. This is why relaxation and taking a break whether from school or work is held at a premium nowadays. Thus ideas like a four day work week or campus mental health sessions are emerging and starting to be a common thing. It’s a lifeline for those already drowning, as well as a preventive measure for those who are entering the “pressure cooker” or the “grind” of adulting.

This feeling of wanting to take a pit stop is felt in an intense and passionate manner in British band Penguin Café with their latest single ‘In Re Budd’. Released April 20th in all major streaming platforms. This latest offering from Penguin Café is a dreamy and flowy track that takes us away to a vacation of a lifetime. An elevated way to kick back and escape, it is also a homage to music maestro and poet Harold Budd. Known as the ambient godfather, this is also the band’s affectionate love letter and a way to preserve his memory. Making it this unforgettably rhythmic danceable tune we could all groove to body, soul and all at any given moment.

With Penguin Café’s unique flavorful sound and guided by the fantastical sensibilities of legendary Harold Budd. In turn creating this dynamic landscape we can’t say no to – even if we tried to. ‘In Re Budd’ sets the perfect stage wherein we can leave our fears, frustration and worries behind for the time being. Albeit with no lyrics whatsoever, it invites us to let go and recharge for as long as we want. It’s a KitKat bar that evokes us to “take a break”; to save some room for ourselves to exhale once in awhile. So what are you waiting for? Add this your personal playlist and take the plunge pronto!

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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