Top Singles This Week: Happy Summer!

It’s officially summer time! The weather is slowly but surely getting warmer, and we’re all starting to finish up our finals so summer can finally begin. So many artists are now releasing summer smash hits in preparation for the upcoming festival season! Keep reading if you’re looking for new music to shape your summer playlist!

“Finally” by Jonas Blue and RANI

Jonas Blue is finally returning to us with his new track, “Finally”, featuring vocals from RANI. The single starts strong and holds onto the immaculate vibe through the end of the song, making us all have to put it on repeat. Blue is coming off a busy 2022 tour schedule, with a residency in Las Vegas and performances within the festival circuit. Blue’s debut album was released in 2018, certified Gold, and even won the Brit’s Breakthrough Award. RANI’s vocals have been featured on tracks by Jonasu, Sam Feldt, and David Guetta, making her an amazing artist to watch. This song reminds me of something we’d see on a show like Love Island, with lyrics about finally finding love again. Listen to the new song of the summer here.

“Selfish Soul – ODESZA Remix” by Sudan Archives and ODESZA

Sudan Archives’ “Selfish Soul” has received a fantastic remix from ODESZA, first premiered in April at Coachella. Sudan Archives appeared at ODESZA’s surprise DJ set to perform the song and went on to perform her own set on Sunday at the music festival. The violinist and singer created a hit about embracing her natural hair and her culture. ODESZA’s remix made the song sound incredibly dreamy and turned it into the perfect festival track. I can only imagine how amazing this song will sound blasting in the background while walking around Lollapalooza in July. The artist will be touring with Caroline Polachek throughout the United States, as well as festival performances at Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, and more. Get tickets to see the artist across the world here.

“January Girl” by ArmstrongWW and Johnny Noble

Combining indie, soul, and hip-hop, Armstrong WW’s “January Girl” is going to be the song of the summer. The new single was a collaboration between ArmstrongWW, Johnny Noble, producer Misticat, and Daniel Avila, who’s responsible for the now signature guitar solo we hear throughout the song. The vocals on the record almost sound like it could be a collaboration between artists like Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, and Post Malone. The track tells a story of a strained relationship but rekindles that love by building trust. The song will definitely be a chill summer anthem, perfect for relaxing poolside or having a drink on the patio. Check out ArmstrongWW’s Instagram here to keep up to date with new releases!

“Let There Be Music” by Bonny Doon

Bonny Doon’s new single, “Let There Be Music”, sounds like it belongs in a coming-of-age movie. The new single is the title track of the band’s long-awaited upcoming third album, out on June 16th. The upbeat song has an amazing vibe to it, making the happiness contagious to anyone who listens. You can definitely tell the band had a fun time creating the song, with member Bobby Colombo saying the song felt like the “energetic center” of the upcoming album. The band will be touring throughout the summer, with dates in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco (which they have a song dedicated to!) Get tickets to see Bonny Doon on tour here.

“Highs and Lows” by Chance Peña

Chance Peña’s new single, “Highs and Lows”, definitely reminds me of the end of summer. The song starts off with only an acoustic guitar and Peña’s vocals but adds a chorus of voices and drums later in the track. The 23-year-old from Texas started his career on season nine of The Voice in 2015. The singer-songwriter has had some amazing accomplishments in the past 8 years, including writing a song for John Legend, having a song with over 100 million streams, and a song featured in Five Feet Apart. The new track is about sharing unconditional love and reminds me of when I first left for college. Check out Chance’s website for more info on new releases and tours!

I’ve added all of these songs to my summer playlist, curating the best vibe for finally letting all of your stresses go. If you’re looking for more new music for this upcoming summer, keep watching this space to see our picks for next week’s top singles!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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