On September 9th, 2021, Troye Sivan returned to the spotlight and released “Angel Baby,” a ballad of yearning and intimacy. Written by Sivan himself, Jason Evigan, Michael Pollack, Sarah Hudson and JHart, “Angel Baby” is the first single released by him this year.

As seen in past work, Australian artist Sivan is a masterful artist in queer pop, and has garnered over 10 billion combined global streams. He has also received critical acclaims for his album Bloom in 2018 from the likes of reviewers such as Rolling Stone, The Guardian, USA Today, Billboard, and a numerous amount of other publications. Not only this, but some rewards that Sivan has already gained in his career include a Billboard Music Awards trophy, three MTV Europe Music awards and two GLAAD Media achievements.

“‘Angel Baby’ is my crack at an adoring, doting, love struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad. I thought we needed a few more of those.”

~ Troye Sivan

The track is incredibly smooth flowing and easy to follow. Sivan’s relaxing voice paired with easy going instrumentals seamlessly brings a sense of comfort in just the first 15 seconds of the song. “Angel Baby” is at first solemn in the sense of how Sivan speaks of waiting for the one that he loves to return, and how agonizing time can make itself out to be. We see this in the lyrics “but now I’m in pieces, barely believing, starting to think that I’ve lost all feeling.” The juxtaposition comes later in the track, when Sivan is finally in the comfort of his lover, and he goes into detail on how he wants “to live in this moment forever” and “all the sick and twisted nights that I have been waiting for you, they were worth it all along.” It’s a touching story of how the presence of someone else can mean to one another, and the power of love that can grip any heart it comes across.

Listen to “Angel Baby” here:

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