Tree Da Touch Questions if Current Situations are as “Good As It Gets” in New Single

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Tree Da Touch is an artist to keep an eye on with his latest single, “Good As It Gets.” Its infectious melody and message-heavy lyricism take listeners on a musical journey that highlights its empowering tale. The emotion-infused hip-hop production captures listeners from the first note and leaves them wanting more, which is great for Tree Da Touch as he continues to produce music for years to come.

A quickly-rising artist, rapper, and songwriter from Lawton, Oklahoma, Tree Da Touch has a unique sound that combines soulful melodies and clever lyricism. He developed his skills through playing multiple instruments in youth choir then when he got older, he turned to writing music for other artists, building his name in the industry. In December 2019, he started the record label Tree Hit Records and has since brought on and helped the next emerging artists in the scene. With a memorable vocal delivery, rising label, and sound that will resonate with anyone, Tree Da Touch is set to take the hip-hop community by storm.

“Good As It Gets” delivers a groovy production with anthemic instrumentation, atmospheric vocals, and a downtempo beat driven by an infectious melody. Tree Da Touch keeps his lyrics honest and real. His deep vocals recount the struggles he has experienced in life, including questioning his purpose in life, losing beloved family members, and growing up estranged from his father. Throughout the bouncy hook, we hear him questioning if this is really as good as it gets. In the next verse, he touches on some societal issues, such as police brutality, and his faith in God. He repeats the hook and then some of his opening lines before ending the song by saying that this is not as good as it gets, knowing that there is more out there.

“Good As It Gets” is an interesting introspective look into Tree Da Touch’s mind and the questions he finds himself mulling over on a regular basis. With its addictive instrumental production and sincere lyricism, this track gets listeners moving while also considering the issues that are being explored.

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