“Pound for Pound” is a new single by Texas rapper Doeman featuring Tennesseean Trapperman Dale.

Simply put, this song is a hit. The listenability is high due to a few factors. Both Doeman and Trapperman Dale have consistent flows that compliment the production well. This paired with the interesting and engaging diction*** on behalf of both rappers make it a good song. When it comes to mixing and the beat itself, the engineering is also on point. The fact that it’s short (just shy of 2 minutes) and without a chorus makes it easy to just turn on repeat and enjoy.

***The following lines utilize elements of popular culture that get the point across in an interesting way to the listener who is familiar with them.

“I feel like 2000 Nelly
My life a movie like Belly” – Doeman

“I’m Steph Curry with the rock
Go Rambo with the shottas” – Trapperman Dale

Using such figurative speech is common not only in rap but in many areas of writing.
It can be said for both Doeman and Trapperman Dale that they are up and coming artists who show great potential. Although they have both been releasing music for several years, they are both gaining more and more exposure. Being from the Nashville area, I have known Dale’s music for a while now and he never ceases to impress me. Before this song, I hadn’t heard of Doeman although I am somewhat familiar with the Houston rap scene. For that reason, besides the fact that I enjoy the song, I’m glad this collaboration took place.

Go listen “Pound for Pound” now if you haven’t already!

By Caleb Putman

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